Shadow of the Colossus 2018 Remake - Water and Cliffs

I had the pleasure of working on water and seaside cliffs for Shadow of the Colossus. Level artists blocked out the layout ahead of time. Extra Special thanks to our incredible water programmer Bruce Woodard and fx artist James Mestemaker! Thanks to Justin Wagner for material research for cliffs!

Art Director:
Mark Skelton - Art Director

Lighting: Michael Kahn-Rose

Foliage: Alexis Boyer

Level Artists:
Justin Wagner
Peter Rybkin
Katie Houston
Patrick Sullivan
Willow Hermosa
Urban McLafferty
Sterling Brucks

Ruins Artists:
(Lead) Mak Malovic
Matt Via

SoTC2018 Waterfall Vista

SoTC Water Stream

SoTC2018 Water Waves

SoTC Oceans

SoTC Underwater